September 2022


Things To Consider Before You Rent A Private Jet

If you are the kind of person who likes to travel in style, you’re definitely going to want to rent a private jet for your next vacation or business trip. However, with so many options out there, finding the right one can be challenging. This guide will give you five ways to go about private jet rental for your next trip and help you find the best one for your preferences and budget.

1) The history of private jets

Airplanes and aviation evolved significantly over the course of the 20th century. Several well-known aviators, including Wiley Post, broke speed records with the use of their aircrafts. In 1957, more than 50 pilots raced from California to New York and back in what is now known as The Race of Two Worlds. All commercial flights in the U.S. stopped for three hours so these planes could make their runs because air traffic control knew this was an event that would draw lots of public attention. 

2) How much does it cost?

A small jet can cost anywhere from $2,000-12,000 per hour depending on the size and make of the aircraft. It also depends on where you are flying from and what type of fuel package is used. To get an estimate before you book, take a look at this link for private jet flight costs and calculate the hourly rate by dividing the cost by 1,440 (1 hr x 60 min x 60 sec). Then multiply that number by how many hours you’ll be renting it for. For example, if your trip is 4 hours long and it will cost $4,000 in total then your hourly rate would be around $500/hr.

3) Where do I start?

It seems like renting a private jet would be difficult, but it’s actually pretty easy and affordable. You can get different private jet rental available with diverse passenger capacities from light single-engine turboprops that can seat up to six passengers, up to big jets that can accommodate hundreds of people. The smallest private jets can cost as little as $200 an hour while the largest have set prices of over $2,000 an hour. 

4) Choosing your aircraft

When renting a private jet, one has many different choices. A chartered flight from the nearest airport or an on-demand flight that can be scheduled at the time of departure are both options for getting to your destination. Choose whichever is more convenient for you and what makes the most sense in regards to your budget. You may also have to consider how much space you need for all of your luggage; if this is the case, it may make more sense to fly from the nearest airport rather than booking an on-demand flight.

5) Security and privacy concerns

But don’t be fooled into thinking renting a private jet is as simple as booking your next flight. There are many factors that can affect the cost of hiring one, and there are some serious privacy and security concerns you’ll need to think about before you sign on the dotted line.

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