Different Ways to Enjoy your Vacation in Costa Rica

Visiting Costa Rica can be the journey of your lifetime. Maybe you have explored some of the finest island or beach destinations across the world, but when you are in Costa Rica you will fall in love with the unique culture, geography, nature and of course warm-hearted Ticos. Ticos are the natives of this area.

Bounded by the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, the Central American country boasts about its abundance of lush greenery and the animal world. Known for being one of the top most countries for protecting biodiversity, visiting Costa Rica will be something more than just ‘traveling’.


The solo traveler’s paradise, Costa Rica is one of the peace havens abstained from any defense securities. The people and surroundings are no nice and beautiful out there that you could hardly find insecure to walk by the lonely beaches at night. Thus, Costa Rica is listed for the safest destination in the planet, especially for the solo women travelers.

Let’s find out how you can make your Costa Rica trip memorable—

Explore the Water Sports

When it comes to Costa Rica, the first thing that will strike you is the oceans. The country is blessed with the touch of both the Pacific and the Atlantic kissing the shores from both sides of the mainland. You can also get the opportunity to explore the Caribbean Sea which is not far from here too. Hence, lots of water sports activities should be there in the list, until and unless you are scared of the deep sea waters. Surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea diving, etc are some of the refreshing activities you can enjoy at Costa Rica.


Sports fishing

If you love fishing, Costa Rica is the ultimate destination for you to enjoy the experience of sports fishing. Like Florida, Mexico, Guatemala and other destinations, Costa Rica holds a position of its own in sports fishing. Plenty of fishes from giant to small are available in the fertile waters. You can enjoy fishing tours here at Samara, Nosara, Quepos and other places. Apart from the offshore fishing, you can also hunt for the sweet water fishes while voyaging in the inland rivers across the country.

Learn Spanish

The first-timers in Costa Rica often attend the Spanish learning courses offered by several local schools out there. You will enjoy learning the foreign language in the once colonized land and can also volunteer Costa Rica to let the Ticos learn English.

If you want to stay in Costa Rica for quite some time and want to interact with the locals in their own language, learning Spanish can definitely be useful. Apart from that, learning a language is always helpful. Whether you are traveling to a foreign land, you will not have to carry the pocket dictionary or interact with the people in sign languages. You can also be benefited in the professional fields by knowing Spanish.


Learn Horseback riding

Horseback riding must be there on your list if you are in Costa Rica. If you don’t know the riding, learn how to ride a horse sportingly in Costa Rica.

Author’s Bio

Nat Amponsah is a professional tour operator, volunteer, and a passionate blogger in Costa Rica. Sharing travel information in Costa Rica along with the country’s latest updates are the main themes of his articles.