Visiting Broome in a Campervan

If you are going to visit Australia, you want to make sure you do it by campervan or RV. This is the best way to see the country up close. Otherwise, you will be missing out on a lot of beautiful sites and scenery.,0,4677,3508&w=800&h=600

An Introduction to Broome

One of the places you will want to include on your itinerary is Broome, Australia. Broome is a resort town in the western part of Australia, in the country’s Kimberley region. Sitting along the Indian Ocean, Broome shows off the white sands of Cable Beach, which also offers a striking backdrop for the area’s camel rides at sunset.

If you visit Gantheaume Point in the area, you will come across ancient dinosaur tracks revealed in the red rocks at the location during the low tide. Broome’s historic Chinatown location also sits above Roebuck Bay, which is a point of entry for cruise guests visiting the pearl farms in the area.

An Interesting Mix

Founded in 1883, Broome normally sees temperatures during the summer and winter that are temperate and welcoming. Once you set foot in the area, you may not want to leave. Here, visitors find a fusion of a colourful indigenous culture and tranquillity.

Enjoying the Sunset

Broome’s turquoise waters and white sands make it an idyllic spot to rest whilst on holiday. If you take a camelback ride at sunset, you will never forget the amazing and powerful sunset that unfolds in front of you. As the sun sinks gradually into the water, the evening sky lights up in colours of orange and red.

That kind of sunset is one of the reasons you want to choose a vehicle from the campervans for hire online. Once you arrive in Broome, one of the sites you will want to see is the Japanese cemetery. Here, you can learn all about the pearling industry. Over 900 pearl divers are interred in the cemetery, which is proof of their sacrifices and how they contributed to the building of the town and the northwest part of Australia.

A Visit to Chinatown

You can follow up your visit to the Japanese cemetery by visiting the pearl showrooms in Chinatown. The showrooms also inform guests about the area’s pearling history and allow them to also sample pearl meat. Known as Broome’s primary shopping district, Broome is defined by a mix of Asian and Colonial architecture. Sunday markets are also featured in Johnny Chi Lane.

The Short Street Gallery

Another exciting place to visit in Broome is the town’s Short Street Gallery. Here, you can explore the history of the world’s oldest continuous culture. The broad art collection showcases the distinctive and varied styles of Aboriginal groups and provides an artistic context to the tragedies and accomplishments of indigenous peoples.

If you are seeking some nourishment after your travels, you can stop in and enjoy a feast of local mud crab at the Pinctada Cable Beach Resort or the area’s popular Wharf Restaurant. Mud crab is one food you won’t want to bypass as locals serve it with delicious lashings of chili. You can also catch mud crabs and have them prepared and cooked.